Japanese Ambassador’s visit to Mutobo Demobilization and Reintegration Centre to see the skills training of Ex-combatants and people with Disabilities

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Vocational trainings for agricuture
On February 18, H.E. Mr. Masahiro IMAI, Ambassador of Japan to Rwanda, visited Mutobo Demobilization and Reintegration Centre in Musanze District and observed the activities of Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission(RDRC), which has been supporting ex-combatants to reintegrate back into society. Through JICA, Japan has provided support twice for “the Skills Training for Reintegration of Demobilized Soldiers with Disabilities (2005-2008)” and “the Skills Training and Job Obtainment Support for Social Participation of Ex-Combatants and Other People with Disabilities (2011-2014)”. This visit was also conducted as a follow up of the projects and vocational trainings such as sewing, agriculture and brick laying.
Vocational training for brick laying
sewing vocational training Vocational training for brick laying
Ambassador IMAI said “Obviously, your efforts brought great success and I was impressed by this uniqueness to reintegrate ex-combatants and people with disabilities into the society. After your training, you will be an important work force, which can be a driving force for development of your own country. Skilled workers are always in high demand. I believe that vocational trainings are indispensable to support self-sustaining economic activities.”
Fred NYAMURANGWA, Commissioner of RDRC, said “Japan has supported the centre for ex-combatants in different vocational trainings such as sewing, agriculture as well as construction and we are confident every trained ex-combatant can make good use of acquired skills to enhance their own living standards, their families’ and the communities at large.”

In November 2019, JICA President Award was given to RDRC in recognition of its continued activities with outstanding achievements of the socio-economic development, especially contributing to peacekeeping and reconciliation in Rwanda as well as the Great Lake region. Mr. Shin MARUO, chief Representative of JICA Rwanda Office, said that RDRC’s engagement could be beneficial and a valuable example to be shared in other African countries.