Karate Ambassador's Cup (February 10, 2018)

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 On February 10, the Embassy of Japan and the Rwanda Karate Federation (FERWAKA) organized the 3rd Karate Ambassador’s Cup at Petit Stade in Amahoro Stadium. The competition consisted of kata in which players describe detailed patterns of movements and kumite in which two players fight against each other both in individual and team matches. More than 250 Rwandan karate practitioners participated in this competition in front of a large audience.

Male kumite fighting

Speech by Ambassador Miyashita

 Ambassador Miyashita, in his remark, commended FERWAKA for annually holding Ambassador’s Cup in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan. He also announced that the Government of Japan decided to provide karate equipment including 400 tatami mats which will arrive in Kigali in a few months and encouraged FERWAKA to utilize the equipment in karate competitions including the Pan-African Karate Championship to be held in Kigali this August.

Mr Yuji's kata demonstration

Ambassador's Cup awarding to the winners

 At the beginning of the ceremony, all the participants paid silent tribute to Mr. Jean Sayinzoga who contributed greatly to the promotion of karate in Rwanda and passed away in April. Mr. Kazuki Yuji, JICA’s Karate Volunteer, performed kata and fascinated the whole audience with his three-dan technique.