IPRC Tumba celebrates its 10th anniversary (August 23, 2018)

Group Photo (Ambassador Miyashita (third from the left, Honorable Mutimura (fouth from the left), Principal Ms. Mutabazi (fifth from the left)

On August 23, Ambassador Miyashita attended the 10th anniversary ceremony of the Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre (IPRC) Tumba, in Rulindo District (Northern Province). Honorable Eugene Mutimura, Minister of Education, was also present at the ceremony.

IPRC Tumba has been fostering close cooperation with Japan since its foundation as École Technique Officielle in 1992, when most of the school’s facilities were built through a Japanese grant aid project. Through the JICA’s technical cooperation projects which started in 2007, experts were continuously dispatched to the college in order to support its institutional capacity building, in a range from the development of the curriculum (ICT, alternative energy, electronics and telecommunication), the training of teachers to the improvement of the management.

The college was officially inaugurated in 2008 with the attendance of Ms. Sadako Ogata, then president of JICA. Within the past ten years, IPRC Tumba has grown to be one of the leading polytechnics in Rwanda. Recently, Otowa Electric Co. Ltd., a Japanese company specialized in the production lightning sensors, has conducted a series of demonstration experiments in order to transfer its technics to Africa, with the focus on Rwanda.

Ambassador Miyashita and Honorable Mutimura inspect equipment of the Department of Alternative Energy

Ambassador Miyashita and Honorable Mutimura inspect displayed products made by students

Guided by Ms. Rita Clémence Mutabazi, Principal of IPRC Tumba, the participants inspected the facilities of each department and activities of students, as well as lightning sensors installed by Otowa Electric Co. Ltd..

In his remarks, Ambassador Miyashita commended the role of the college in Rwanda’s economic development since its inception. Noting that the graduates have been contributing to the transformation of Rwandan society by making use of their skills, he said that this technical cooperation project constitutes one of the most successful projects in Japan’s technical cooperation with Rwanda. He also referred to the increase in the number of Japanese companies in Rwanda and the cooperation between the college and Otowa Electrics Co. Ltd., expressing his hope that the college will share the know-how of lightning protection with other parts of Rwanda and its neighboring countries.

Photo with a graduate and his incubator

Honorable Mutimura mentioned the importance of vocational training for job creation of the youth and commended IPRC Tumba for its achievement under the eminent leadership. He also put an emphasis on the strengthening of the linkage with the private sector and encouraged the college to effectively respond to the needs of the market. The minister also expressed his appreciation to Japan for its long-standing cooperation with Rwanda in the education sector and expected that Japan’s technical cooperation with IPRC Tumba will be further extended.

The Embassy of Japan conducted a media tour during the ceremony and many local media reported the anniversary ceremony.