Book Handover Ceremony at PIASS

Ambassador IMAI attended the book handover ceremony at the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Science, PIASS on 2nd December.
This book donation is part of “Read Japan Project” carried out by the Nippon Foundation. Having the objective of promoting global understanding of Japan through books, this project was launched in 2008.One hundred books related to Japan selected by scholars and journalists from Japan and overseas were donated.
Ambassador IMAI explained that these books will help especially students and researchers interested in Japan with their study and research. Emphasizing that fostering imagination through reading still remains the most important aspect for young minds even though the Internet provides immediate access to high volume of information, Ambassador IMAI hoped these books will also have a lot to offer to all young students of PIASS.
Professor MSEMAKWELI, Vice Chancellor of PIASS, expressed his gratitude toward the donation of the one hundred books, which, he said, would be an important asset for professors, students and external users of the library. Introducing the active exchange of students between PIASS and many Japanese universities, he also showed a willingness to facilitate mutual understanding between Japan and Africa including Rwanda.
To conduct this ceremony, Professor SASAKI, who has been teaching Peace Building at the Development Study Department of PIASS, has generously provided his support.