Important Notice on Online Purchase and Importing of Used Cars

The Embassy of Japan has received several reports of problems related to importing used cars to Rwanda, from Japan or through companies claiming to be situated in Japan. In certain cases, online advertisements for the sale of used cars may be fraudulent.
Prospective buyers are advised to exercise caution when entering into online purchase transactions, which hold certain risks, including limitations to take legal action because of insufficient evidence to constitute a fraud case.
The Embassy of Japan cautions all prospective buyers that the Embassy, as a third party, is not in a position to assist, investigate or intervene in commercial disputes.
The Embassy wishes to advise those who encounter trouble while importing a car and consider it as a fraud to file a report with the Rwanda Police or Rwanda Investigation Bureau.  The Japan Police conducts investigations in good faith to crackdown such fraud cases based on the requests and reports received from the Rwandan Authorities through the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO).  The investigations, however, do not always guarantee that the desired outcome is obtained.
Some Japanese used cars dealers are aware of the problem and are taking voluntary preventive actions. In an effort to ease the process of identifying vehicle exporters, Japan Used Motor Vehicles Exporters Association (JUMVEA), which is a nonprofit government recognized business association approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI), publishes its members’ list and provides “Safe Trade” system. Prospective buyers of used cars from Japan may find the JUMVEA members’ list useful, though the Embassy of Japan is not in a position to guarantee the authenticity of each member.
Additionally, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Nairobi office {Regional Office covering EAC Member countries including Rwanda} urges all those intending to import USED MOTOR VEHICLES from Japan to contact JETRO Nairobi office before committing /engaging with USED MOTOR VEHICLE dealers in Japan to avoid the risk of being defrauded.

Message and Notice from JETRO Nairobi Office

Since its establishment in 1957, JETRO Nairobi Office has supported the development of bilateral trade between Japan and Eastern Africa Member states including Rwanda, and this has continued to grow along with the Regional's economic development.

However, we have noted some unfortunate fraud cases in the importation of used motor vehicles.
Of great importance when trading, is finding a reliable partner. Unfortunately, some importers are lured by low prices and send money overseas without confirming the seller’s trustworthiness and reliability which leads to a high possibility of victimization because money sent to these tricksters/fraudsters cannot be recovered.

Therefore, JETRO Nairobi office would like to request all East African traders to contact JETRO Nairobi office first when they wish to import anything from Japan.  JETRO Nairobi office will be able to introduce appropriate Japanese companies to all.
It is important to note that JETRO Nairobi office has a list of all genuine registered companies in Japan involved with the exportation of used motor vehicles in the country.
The safest way to import a used car is through the "JUMVEA Safe Trade" system.

JUMVEA or Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association, consists of about 400 Japanese used car exporters and acts as the bridge between importers of used cars worldwide and exporters in Japan. JUMVEA guarantees that the used vehicles you purchase will be delivered without fail.

JETRO Nairobi office supports the importation of all kinds of Japanese products, not just used cars. Therefore, whenever you want to import any Japanese product, it is strongly advised that you make an initial inquiry to the JETRO Nairobi office first.

I sincerely hope that through advancement and enhancement of healthy trade Japan and EAC member countries will become more prosperous, and our friendly relations will be further enhanced.

JETRO Nairobi is open to the business world and the public in general for consultation.
You can reach us through or give us a call at +254 743 300 460