The Handover and Completion Ceremony of the "Strengthening Migration Management System for Enhanced Border Security in Rwanda (IOM Rwanda)".

Photo: Awareness raising session (Photo: IOM Rwanda)
Photo: Amb Fukushima, sitting wiht other guests(Photo: IOM Rwanda)
 On Tuesday, January 30, 2024, Ambassador Fukushima attended the completion ceremony of the "Strengthening Migration Management System for Enhanced Border Security in Rwanda (IOM Rwanda)" supported by the FY2022 Supplementary Budget at Kigali International Airport and Pele Stadium.
 Under this project, IOM installed a facial recognition system manufactured by *NEC, a Japanese company, and fraudulent document detection system at Kigali International Airport, and provided community leaders and residents living in border areas with training on counter measures to human trafficking. Japan contributed approximately 1.2 million USD to IOM Rwanda for this project. The installation of a facial recognition and fraud detection system equipped border control officials with state-of-the-art technology that enables them to detect and reduce irregular movements under false identification documents. This ultimately reduces the potential for international crime.

 *NEC: NEC has started its business in 1899 in Japan and in 1963 in Africa, covering the field of telecommunication, smart energy, and public safety. NEC’s face recognition technology has been ranked the best system in the world by the U.S. National Institute of Standard and Technology.
Photo: Speach by Ambassador(Photo:IOM Rwanda)
Photo: Speach by Ambassador
 At the ceremony, Ambassador Fukushima said, "I am honored to attend the completion ceremony of this project. Japan believes that transnational organized crime is one of the issues that the international community should work together to address, and Japan is committed to working together with all relevant stakeholders to combat all forms of transnational organized crime, including human trafficking, based on "human security. I would like to congratulate the tireless efforts of staff members of IOM including Mr. UJIKAWA, a Japanese professional officer at IOM Rwanda sponsored by Japanese Government. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the continued efforts made by the Government of Rwanda in addressing transnational organized crime. It is the sincere hope of the Government and the people of Japan that this project will contribute to tackling the challenges at the borders and improving the lives of Rwandans as a whole. He added.