Ambassador's Cup Karate Tournament 2024

Kata Male Final
Kumite Male Champion
Kumite Female Final
On February 10, the Ambassador’s Cup Karate Tournament 2024 was took place at Ecole Primaire Notre-Dame des Anges in Kigali, organized by the Embassy of Japan in Rwanda and the Rwanda Karate Federation (FERWAKA). The players performed “kata,” in which players demonstrate combination of various motions, and “kumite,” in which players fight against each other. The Ambassador's Cup was held for the first time in four years and the Karate-ka had heated matches.

At the opening ceremony, Ambassador Fukushima expressed his gratitude to FERWAKA for its efforts to promote Karate in Rwanda. He stated that Karate is a way of self-development through daily training, and it is essentially different from Western sports and attracting many people around the world including Rwanda. “I hope that Karate, as one of the links between Rwanda and Japan, contribute to further strengthen the friendly relationship between us”, he remarked.

FERWAKA is actively involved in promoting Karate here in Rwanda, and there are now an estimated 7,000 Karate practitioners in the country. In 2018, "the Foreign Minister’s Commendation" was awarded to FERWAKA, and in 2021, Mr. Uwayo, a former president of FERWAKA, was honored with "The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays" by the Emperor of Japan. The Embassy provided FERWAKA with Karate equipment incluiding 400 tatami mats, and has been supporting the promotion of Karate in Rwanda.