Japan and Rwanda Signed an Exchange of Notes (E/N) and Loan Agreement (L/A) for Development Policy Loan for Education Sector(March 5, 2024)

On Tuesday 5 March 2024, at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning(MINECOFIN), H.E. Mr. Isao FUKUSHIMA, Ambassador of Japan to Rwanda and Hon. Dr. NDAGIJIMANA Uzziel, the Minister of MINECOFIN signed an Exchange of Notes (E/N) concerning "Development Policy Loan for the Education Sector".

The "Human Resource Development to Support Growth and Job Creation (Science and Technology Education and Training)" is a priority area (medium-term goal) of Japan's Country Development Cooperation Policy for the Republic of Rwanda, and is also in line with Rwanda's long-term national development policy, Vision 2050, which attaches its importance on: "Access to Quality Education" and "Realisation of a Knowledge-Based Society".
The loan provides financial support conditional on the implementation of policy actions to strengthen the functioning of teacher training colleges, promote DX in education and improve internal efficiency in primary education.
1 ) With regard to strengthening the functions of teacher training colleges, the Government promotes the development of quality teachers by improving the environment through the expansion of teacher training colleges and the dissemination and utilisation of learning equipment, and by formulating relevant policies and strategies.
2) Education: With regard to the promotion of DX, the Government will facilitate the approval of relevant policies and strategies and promote the integration of education-related databases.
3) Improving internal efficiency, by developing a school feeding strategy and improving pre-primary education to curb school retention and drop-outs in primary education and helping to achieve the elimination of the two-part operation through the construction of additional classrooms.
Speaking at the signing ceremony, Ambassador Fukushima said: “This development policy loan is unprecedented in its scale. The total amount is more than  Ninety-three million US dollars, the largest amount Japan has ever given on loan to Rwanda in our long history of development cooperation. This is Japan’s first loan for Rwanda to be allocated to the education sector, aiming at improving Rwandan educational system in teacher training colleges and primary education.” “We are well aware that the Ministry of Education is currently stepping up its effort toward ‘ensuring equitable access to quality education’. Without doubt, this loan can contribute to achieving this goal by providing a wide range of assistances such as teacher training, digital transformation, and school feeding.” “In concluding my remarks, let me reiterate that it is strong hope of the Government and people of Japan that this educational policy loan will shed the light on a path for Rwanda to be a prosperous country where no one will be left behind, and where all the children can enjoy the equal opportunity to education, and to dream." He added.
On the same occasion, Ms. Minako SHIOTSUKA, Chief Representative of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a Loan Agreement (L/A) with Hon. Dr. NDAGIJIMANA for the same project.