The Handover Ceremony of “the Project for the Construction of a Nursery and Primary School in Ngoma District” under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP/Kusanone)

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On February 14, in Kibungo Sector, Ngoma District, Ambassador FUKUSHIMA attended the handover ceremony of the Grant Assistance for Grassroots and Human Security Project (GGP) with the vice mayor of Ngoma District and the bishop of the Anglican Church of Rwanda / Kibungo Diocese.
Ambassador visiting the classroom

Ambassador FUKUSHIMA handed over a nursery and primary school consisting of 4 classrooms for the nursery, 8 classrooms for the primary, 2 water tanks and a 300-meter-long wall. The Government of Japan funded the Anglican Church of Rwanda / Kibungo Diocese with 89,383USD with a view to providing an appropriate learning environment for approximately 400 children. 

A parent representative expressing gratitude at the ceremony
Before starting the project, a mother was worrying that her three, four and five-year-old children had to walk for one hour along busy roads to school. When she found out the new school was constructed, she immediately enrolled her three children. She appreciated the project and said that her children now have safe access to a school just 15 minutes from home so they will concentrate on their class work because they will not be tired.  
Speech by Ambassador FUKUSHIMA
Gifts from the Anglican Church to the Ambassador
Ambassador FUKUSHIMA said in his remarks that he is pleased that the Embassy of Japan has supported the Anglican Church of Rwanda, Kibungo Diocese to open this nursery and primary school. He also appreciated their great regional contribution to the education sector and thanked Ngoma district for their great support. “It is the hope of the Government and people of Japan that the facilities will contribute to secure an equal educational opportunity for all the children in this region to achieve sustainable development of the communities, where no one will be left behind,” he added at the end of his speech. 
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Amb being interviewed

Ms. MUKAYIRANGA, the deputy mayor of Ngoma District in charge of social welfare, expressed her appreciation for the project and Mr. NTAZINDA said that they will continue their efforts to contribute to regional basic education.