The Handover Ceremony of the WFP projects funded through FY2023 Japan's Supplementary Budget and International Grant Aid

at the kitchen
 On Thursday, March 28, 2024, Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Fukushima, together with Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Emergency Management, and the WFP Representative and Country Director in Rwanda, attended the handover ceremony of  a FY2023 Japan's Supplementary Budget project  “Food Assistance to Asylum Seekers and Returnees in Rwanda” and an International Grant Aid project “the Project for Emergency Support to Improve Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa“.
Ambassador distributing food
WFP distributing food

Under the projects, WFP will not only provide food assistance to asylum seekers, school meals and nutritional supplements to refugees and host communities, but also technical assistance to the Ministry of Emergency Management and local authorities to strengthen emergency preparedness and response capacity for effective disaster risk reduction and management.

Ambassador's speech
Group photo
 At the ceremony, Ambassador Fukushima said, "I am honored to attend the ceremony today. Japan is deeply concerned about the situation in the region where people are being dispossessed of their land, unable to earn a minimum living, and becoming more and more vulnerable. The Government of Japan is committed to working together with the International Community for peace and stability of the region.
With the philosophy of "Human Security", Japan has carried out our development cooperation focusing on the well-being of individuals regardless of origin or nationality. We have also worked with WFP Rwanda for more than 15 years and highly appreciate their expertise. Finally, we thank the Government of Rwandan and WFP for their unwavering commitment to humanitarian assistance and hope will contribute to saving lives through the disaster risk reduction efforts and food assistance to vulnerable people." He added.