Ambassador's visit to the FY2022 Japan’s supplementary budget project (UNICEF)

Amb talking with the group
 On Wednesday, June 19, 2024, the Ambassador, Mr. Isao Fukushima, together with Ms. Juliana Lindsey, UNICEF Rwanda representative, visited the FY2022 Japan supplementary budget project "Provision of Health and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services for vulnerable populations in Rwanda (UNICEF)" implemented in Nyamasheke District, Western Prefecture and Nyamagabe District, Southern Prefecture.
explanation about the water system
water point
Japan provided UNICEF Rwanda with approximately 1.8 million US dollars (190 million yen) for the implementation of this project. In this project, UNICEF not only improved psychological support and mental health services for young people and children, but also rehabilitated the water supply system destroyed by natural disasters. These resulted in contributing to strengthened health services and access to safe water for vulnerable people.
The strengthened mental health services have benefited approximately 100,000 young people in four Rwandan districts (Kirehe, Gisahara, Nyamagabe, Karongi), while water and sanitation services have benefited 77,000 people in three districts (Rutushiro, Nyamasheke, Rusizi).
The Ambassador Fukushima first visited the rehabilitated water supply system, including the water storage tank, in Nyamasheke District.
visiting the house of a group member
Group photo
 He moved from to Nyamagabe District from Nyamasheke District, where he met and listened to a women's group that had been organized through activities to strengthen health services such as measures against mental illnesses among young people.
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