Development Cooperation Press Tour: coffee cooperative in Karongi District

On November 27, Ambassador Miyashita together with local press visited KOPAKAKI coffee cooperative in Karongi District, Western Province. The cooperative has been supported through technical cooperation by JICA, “Strengthening Coffee Value Chain Project.”

Firstly, the delegate toured the facilities at the cooperative, such as seed beds, nursery, washing stations where fruits are removed from seeds and separated by quality, and shelves to dry seeds. At the nursery, for example, seedlings grown with instructions by a Japanese expert have become much bigger than the ones with traditional method. This could result in increase of yield in the next year, and other improvements were also seen.

Front: Grown with traditional method, Back: Instructed by Japanese exerts

Ambassador Miyashita and Deputy CEO of NAEB Ms. Urujeni watching coffee washing station

Next, the delegate visited coffee plantation where they observed the well maintained field and the trees growing steadily. Various support activities such as exterminating pests that are peculiar to the East Africa region are being carried out by the support of experts. The farmers of the association expressed their appreciation for Japan's support.

Cooperative members explaining about the plantation

A coffee tree with fruits

Ambassador Miyashita said in his speech “I’m very pleased to see the results of the support from Japan today. As Rwandan coffee has a very high potential, I would like you to continue making efforts for its growth. The Government of Japan will continue to cooperate with the development of the country through support for Rwanda's agricultural sector including coffee.

Deputy CEO of National Agricultural Export Organization (NAEB) Ms. Urujeni said, "Since the project provides guidance on all processes of coffee production, we could expect it will promote the export of coffee beans with improved quality, and create jobs. I am very grateful for the Government of Japan's support. "

Ambassador Miyashita giving speech

Welcome dance

Coffee is an important crop that accounts for about 50% of Rwanda's export crops, and the Government of Rwanda is focusing on improving the quality of coffee as well as increasing production.